Spring Survey
Welcome to Hillcrest's Spring Survey! We appreciate that you're taking the time to share your thoughts and insights with our team. Surveys like this are critical for aligning the needs of our golfing community with the Board of Directors and Hillcrest management team.

After filling out the survey, fill out the (optional) email address field to be entered into our raffle drawing with 30 prizes!
What is your age? *
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How often do you play golf during a typical week? *
What time of day do you typically like to play golf? *
Please rank the following times in order of preference. Please only choose one time for each choice.
3pm and after
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Are you a current 2021 Hillcrest Member or Punch Pass Holder? *
For more information on our pass options, please visit our website: http://www.golfhillcrest.com/passes.php
Hillcrest makes tee times available one week in advance to book online or via phone. Last year, the booking window opened at 5pm. This year, the booking window has moved to 7pm. What time would you prefer tee times to become available? *
Many courses around the country offer tee time reservations in advance of their normal booking window for an additional pre-booking fee. If Hillcrest offered individuals the ability to book your reservation(s) outside of one week in advance, while paying a pre-booking fee to do so, would you take advantage of this service? *
Hillcrest has tested different tee time interval spacing over the past 2 seasons. One of the ways we have tried to increase supply of tee times was to reduce our tee time intervals from 10 minutes apart in 2020 to 9 minute intervals in 2021 (adds up to 4 more tee times a day). What is your tee time interval preference? *
Which events do you plan to be a participant in 2021? Check all that apply: *
For a full list of our 2021 Tournaments and Events, please visit our website: http://www.golfhillcrest.com/tournaments.php or visit our Golf Shop and Instruction tab for the list of clinics and Junior Golf programming: http://www.golfhillcrest.com/golf-shop.php
What programming do you think is missing at Hillcrest (i.e. tournaments, events, clinics, etc)?
In 2021, Hillcrest trail fees increased as part of a 5-year strategic plan focused on capital improvements to the clubhouse and golf course. The Board and Staff have worked hard to make sure that these fees are benefitting your Hillcrest experience in 2021 and all future seasons to come. Please rank the following capital projects from 1 to 3, where 1 is not important to you and 3 is very important to you. *
1 - Not important to me
2 - No opinion
3 - Very important to me
Continued on-course bathroom remodels
Private cart shed maintenance and repairs
Cart path renovation
Parking lot renovation
Men & Women's locker room remodels
Kangaroo storage expansion
Replacing locks in locker rooms and storage areas
Driving range back tee pad enhancement
Are there any Capital Improvements you would desire to see in the next 5 to 10 years that aren't on the above list?
Are you aware the Hillcrest Golf Shop can special order items that are not in stock ie. golf clubs, golf balls, apparel, etc. *
Are there any hardgood items or vendors that we do not carry in the golf shop that you would desire Hillcrest to carry (i.e. golf balls or golf clubs)?
Are there any softgood items or vendors that we do not carry in the golf shop that you would desire Hillcrest to carry (i.e. shirts and apparel, golf bags, gloves and accessories, hats, etc)?
This year, everyone who fills out the survey will be entered into a drawing for several exciting prizes, and 30 of you will walk away as winners! To enter the raffle, please enter your email address below. Please note this field is OPTIONAL and only used to choose a raffle winner. This information will be excluded from the survey during the analysis stage. Winners will be contacted by this email address when the drawing is completed, so please ensure it is correct before clicking Submit.
Raffle prizes: GRAND PRIZE (2): A Cleveland RTX Wedge, valued at $120; Gift Card (2): $50 gift card, which can be used on any merchandise, food and beverage, round of golf, driving range, or cart rentals; Range Pass (6): $50 range pass; Survival Pack (20): A sleeve of golf balls, a bag of tees, a divot tool, and a bag tag
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