Louisiana Cheer Force Fast-Pass Tryout
FASTPASS TRYOUT: Any current CF athletes who have the same stunting and tumbling skills as the previous season are able to be placed on a team without turning in skill videos with a "FastPass".

FastPass tryouts:

1.  Complete Step 1 of the tryout process (registering for tryouts on the parent portal at www.lacheerforce.com)
2. Complete the google form below
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MEDICAL TREATMENT AUTHORIZATION & LIABILITY RELEASE I, the undersigned parent/guardian, do hereby grant permission for my daughter/son, to participate in the activity of cheerleading and tumbling with Louisiana Cheer Force. In order that my daughter/son may receive the necessary medical treatment in the event she/he may sustain injury or illness during participation in this activity, I hereby authorize the cheerleading coach or other supervising adult to obtain medical treatment, at my expense, for my daughter/son for such injury or illness during the activity, and I hereby hold Louisiana Cheer Force,its representatives and lessors harmless of the exercise of authority.I understand that this activity involves risk to the participant. I further acknowledge and understand that due to the nature of this activity, which involves inversion and rotation of the body, there is a possibility that my daughter/son may sustain physical illness or injury (minimal, serious or catastrophic) in connection with her/his participation. I further understand that my daughter/son and I are assuming all risk and cost of such physical illness or injury by her/his representatives and lessors from any claims for personal illness or injury that my daughter/son may sustain during participation in this activity.I further understand that Louisiana Cheer Force has established rules and regulations pertaining to conduct, safety,behavior and activities of all cheerleading/tumbling participants and parents, by which myself and my daughter/son must abide while she/he is a member of this cheerleading team/program and that my daughter/son and I will be responsible for our failure to abide by those rules and regulations. My daughter/son and I have read, understood and agree to all conditions set forth in the above medical treatment authorization and liability form. By typing my name, I agree to the above. *
I agree to the above Medical Treatment Authorization & Liability Release. *
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