Christians on Campus Summer 2021 Bible Reading Challenge
Sign up below to join us for the next 11 weeks as we dive into the book of John together!

Read two chapters of John per week starting the week of May 24, and complete some fun bonus challenges along the way! We'll use a point system to award individual and team prizes. May this program stir up our hunger and desire for God's Word this summer!

We'll have two rounds of the Bible Reading Challenge:
Round 1: May 24-July 4 (chapters 1-12, 6 weeks). Sign up by *Sat, May 22*!
Round 2: July 12-August 15 (chapters 13-21, 5 weeks). Sign up by *Sat, July 10*!

1. Once you submit this form, you'll get access to a Google sheet where you can track your reading. Stay tuned for info on how we will be breaking up into teams in the next few weeks.
2. At the end of each week, use the dropdown menu in your row to mark whether you completed your reading on time (before midnight on Sunday), late, or not.
3. At the beginning of each week we'll reveal a weekly bonus challenge in row 3 of the sheet. Complete the challenge and send the required evidence to Felicia (530.204.8120) to earn bonus points. We'll update your bonus point tally at the end of each week!

You'll receive 3 Points for completing the week's reading on time
You'll receive 1 Point for completing the week's reading late
You'll receive 1 Point for each weekly bonus challenge completed, only valid upon completion of that week's reading
Total Possible Points for Round 1: 18 for reading, 24 with bonus challenges
Total Possible Points for Round 2: 15 for reading, 20 with bonus challenges

Yes! Two kinds!
1) INDIVIDUAL: If you earn at least 18 points for Round 1 or 15 points for Round 2, you'll get an individual prize.
2) TEAM: At the end of each round we will calculate the average points per person for each team. The team with the higher average will win the team prize.

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