RAIN STEM Grant Application
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Navapache Innovation Council
We will strengthen the capacity to integrate STEM in our communities by:
Connecting existing events and organizations with each other and
Developing new STEM programs and community partners
Overview of Proposed Project
Funding category: Which area(s) does your proposed project fall within? *
Name of your Project *
STEM Event/Program Description: Describe your event/program and how it connects to one of our funding areas. Include your goals and objectives for this event/program. *
Describe the audience you plan to reach with this project.  Preference will be given to projects that propose to reach young children and their parents, young adults (16-24 years old), and our senior population. *
What changes do you envision as a result of this project? *
Location of event/program: *
Date(s) of your event/program: *
Will you be enhancing an existing event or program? *
If yes, which event or program?
Will you have community partners for this event/program? *
If Yes, list partners and briefly describe how you will collaborate.
Describe how you are going to promote the project? *
Project Management
Name of project/organization/agency requesting funds: *
Primary contact person: *
Primary phone number: *
Mailing address: *
Contact email address: *
Program Budget
Amount requested: *
Budget Narrative: Describe how you will use the funds if awarded. *
Can you achieve your goals with partial funding? *
Please send a W9 for the organization requesting funds with your supporting documentation. You can download a copy of the form here.
Additional Notes:
If you require more space to answer a question, please use a Word file and send it as an attachment. Be sure to copy the question from the form and insert your entire answer on the Word document.
Please email supporting documentation to Kate Dobler at: katedoblerallen@gmail.com
If awarded, completion reports will be due 30 days following event.
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