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The Match Day Pledge:
Toward Our Goal of Expanded and Improved Medicare-for-All

I have committed myself to do no harm and to advocate for the patients I serve. Access to high-quality healthcare is a basic human right and should be provided equitably as a public service. The profit-driven health insurance industry and the corporatization of healthcare endanger the doctor-patient relationship and pose insurmountable barriers to providing high-quality healthcare to all people in the United States.

Our broken healthcare system affects all Americans, across all colors, classes, and creeds. Universal healthcare, "Medicare for All," is a crucial first step towards fixing this system. I am committed to defending the important progress achieved by the Affordable Care Act and supporting the implementation of a single payer health care system as soon as possible. I stand in solidarity with social movements that challenge institutionalized injustice and inequality. On Match Day, I pledge to carry this commitment with me to residency and beyond.
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