Family International Night
Multicultural education teaches people to acknowledge, embrace, and respect difference. Glenwood Middle School will be holding its first Family International Night to promote the understanding of unique cultural, ethnic heritage, and promote attitudes, skills, and knowledge of various cultures. Please help us in our planning stages by answering the following questions. Thank you so much for any and all support you can give us.
What is your full name? (first/last) *
If you are a student, what grade are you in?
What culture/ethnicity do you belong to? Please click as many as apply to you. *
What is your specific ethnicity (i.e. country, your family's origin)? *
One interesting fact about your culture...
Would you be interested in attending or being part of a Family International night? *
Would you be willing to present your culture to fellow classmates at a Family International Night? (See next question for further reference.) *
If yes, what would you like to present? You may have an adult or two help you out. You may select more than one.
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