2020 Winter Psych 115A Application
Please fill out this form after you have read the multi-page Course Description available at:


and also the article by Nuzzo available here: https://www.nature.com/news/how-scientists-fool-themselves-and-how-they-can-stop-1.18517
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If you learned anything that struck you as new and interesting from the article by Nuzzo, please describe that in a few sentences.
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What is meant by "p-hacking" (in a few sentences)?
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Are you interested in taking Psych 115A (Winter) and Psych 115B (Spring), or just Psych 115A (Winter)? (Both are okay options.) *
What two Course Objectives described in the Class Description most appeal to you? *
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What courses in probability and statistics have you taken (if any)?
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How comfortable are you with participation in class?
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