Preorder & Pickup/Delivery from Gram
Hi! We are Gram, Sweden's first package-free food shop located in S:t Knut.
This preorder service is to help you minimize contact with our display containers in the shop and, at the same time, to save your time, under this challenging period caused by COVID-19.

It works like this:
1. You fill out and submit this form.
2. Within a day, we confirm the order by email and inform about payment methods.
3. You Swish or choose to pay with card at Gram.
4. We confirm the payment and prepack the items you choose in paper bags (please understand we have to do this out of hygienic and workload concern).
5. You pick up or receive the products at home by bike delivery on the day you choose.

*If you'd like to cancel your order, the deadline of cancellation will be 24 hours before pickup/delivery. Please email to for cancellation.
Please click on the items you'd like to order.
If you'd like to adjust the amount or add anything else, you could leave a note to us in the end of the form.
Baking (Bakning)
Beans & Lentils (Bönor och Linser)
Flakes & Musli (Flingor & Müsli)
Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruits (Nötter, Frön & Torkatfrukt)
Organic Spices (Eko Kryddor)
Pasta, Rice and Grains (Pasta, ris & gryn)
Tea & Coffee (Te & kaffe)
Sweets, Snacks (Godis, Sötsaker)
Book (Bok)
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