SPARKS Class Proposals
Thank you for your interest in teaching at the SPARKS Digital Media Art Lab in Riverviews Artspace.

If your class has already been approved and you are submitting information for a recurring course, please use this form.

In addition to our goal of offering a program of contemporary creative arts and technology to young, socio-economically challenged people in our area, we hope to offer classes to anyone interested in learning new skills as well.

Riverviews Artspace offers a ⅔ - ⅓ split on each class or workshops taught at SPARKS. (⅔ to instructor and ⅓ to Riverviews). We do not charge commission on class/workshop materials fees.

We will respond to proposals as efficiently as possible.

Please allow 4-8 weeks between the time a proposal is accepted and the class begins for promotional and space occupancy purposes.

If you have any questions, contact Stephen Kissel (Events and Media Manager) at

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