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Idahoans were fed up with their leaders not filling the health care gap for years and years. That's when Reclaim Idaho collected signatures and got Medicaid Expansion on the ballot with Proposition 2. It passed with 61% support. But our legislature didn't like that.

They immediately tried to repeal it, and when they couldn't, they worked to restrict it as much as possible. Then, they voted to make it many times harder to get propositions on the ballot. It nearly worked. It was vetoed at the last moment by the Governor, but they're sure to try again in 2020. We can't let them succeed if we want to retain this constitutional right.

It's time for Idahoans to get off the sidelines and take a stand. If you care about Idaho voter rights, we need you to join our cause. We're holding our elected leaders accountable with a coordinated blogging and social media campaign, and we want you to be a part of it! Please fill out this form if you'll join us, and we'll email you the next steps.
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