Tackle Your TBR 2017 Challenges
Are you a blogger participating in this read-a-thon and want to host a challenge and giveaway? Here is all the info I need:
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Some ideas: spine poetry, scavenger hunt, acrostic book poem, random page (they just pick up a book and flip to a random page – no spoilers – and summarize what’s on it or pick a line or paragraph to share), random book (they count so many books over on their shelves and give the title of that book), re-title it (take a book and decide what you would title it), bookish bucket list, 5 top tbr books, 5 top would-buy-now books, 5 top to-be-released books, favorite character (heroine, hero, villain, or no specification), favorite book, favorite author, favorite blog, matching game (two columns or lists that include covers and titles or titles and authors and they have to match them up), book spine sentences (just making one sentence using book spines or can use first words from inside a book), spine poetry (not my favorite because it can be really time consuming, but it is also fun), MadLibs (using words from book titles or characters or whatnot depending on the paragraph they’re being plugged into). opposites (i.e. a book cover with summer and one with winter, a dark cover versus a light one, a book about angels versus one about demons, etc.), matching a landscape or picture of a place or clothes to a book cover, guessing book covers (you crop the covers to just show a small part of each)...
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