TOPMed study-specific information for publications
TOPMed authors rely on the TOPMed website for several types of information when they include your study in a paper. When the site contains complete and accurate information, it saves time and effort you and for paper authors in that you avoid refining or correcting information for each paper individually.

Please provide the requested information below, for each TOPMed study on which you are a PI (i.e. submit a separate form for each study). Each question links you to the existing website page, where you may have previously provided information. If you are satisfied with the existing information, you do not need to provide it again. Otherwise, new responses will be used to replace the existing information on the website.

We encourage study PIs and co-PIs to coordinate such that only one set of responses is submitted per study. Multiple submissions per study that yield inconsistent information will require manual follow-up between DCC and PIs.
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Study-specific acknowledgements

Please provide a short paragraph of study-specific acknowledgements, including relevant funding information. Ideally this paragraph can be used directly by authors "as is." If the existing content on the website is complete and accurate for your study, you may leave this blank.
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Co-author requirements

An entry in this website table indicates a requirement that a co-author from your study always be named for papers using your study. Note also that, per TOPMed Publications Policy,, PIs of all studies used in a given paper proposal are to be offered by-line co-authorship.
Do you wish to require that a co-author from your study be named for every associated TOPMed paper proposal that includes your study in analyses?
Study-specific review of manuscripts and abstracts

Some TOPMed studies may require review of manuscripts and/or abstracts by their own study-specific Publications Committees or other formal review processes. This web page is intended to capture clear instructions on how authors should solicit this type of study-specific review, if required. Please note that every TOPMed study, regardless of inclusion on this web page, must approve use of their study in a TOPMed paper at several stages, minimally: informal contact by lead author early in the paper proposal development, formal review and approval of dataset requests, and a final 7 business day review period after a manuscript passes DCC’s administrative checks.

Please provide clear instructions for how TOPMed authors solicit study-specific review for manuscripts and abstracts using data from your study. Previously we did not explicitly record whether authors should be required to submit documentation of study-specific review and approval to the DCC upon submission to the website. We are now seeking to clarify that point for ALL studies. Please answer the questions below even if you have previously provided us information regarding study-specific review.

Note this table should not be used to request any of the following, as these are covered elsewhere:

* authorship (instead specify co-author requirements,

* review of dataset use/inclusion (covered by the dataset selection request process,

* receiving a copy of the manuscript (dataset contacts receive a copy of the manuscript upon submission to the DCC website and after completing DCC administrative manuscript checks, see, "Manuscript Review Process").

Please do not include links to internal websites only accessible to members of your study team, unless also providing instructions on how such materials would be accessed and by whom from your team.

Does your study require review of manuscripts using your study's data prior to journal submission, in addition to TOPMed DCC administrative review? *
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Should the DCC require documentation of this study-specific review and approval upon submission of the manuscript to the DCC website? *
Does your study require review of abstracts using your study's data prior to submission? *
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Study description
To date we have not centrally collected study description paragraphs (e.g. study history, study design, population, etc.); however, a central resource of these descriptions has been requested by TOPMed authors.

Please provide a study description paragraph below, recognizing that further methodological detail will need to be tailored to specific manuscripts. We encourage including language describing Institutional Review Board oversight and receipt of informed consent from all participants, which is often requested or required by journals.
Study description paragraph
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Additional study-specific documentation

This page collects links to study documentation/references of likely utility to other TOPMed investigators, such as study design papers, clinic forms and questionnaires, manuals and protocols, data documentation and dictionaries. For each link or citation provided, please give a short descriptive phrase. Links to publications should be to PubMed/PubMedCentral records.
Study references to add:
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Wrap up
Is there anything else relevant to the above items you would like the DCC to know?
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