Forever Foundation | 2020 Application
The "Forever Foundation" provides a training program scholarship to help increase the adoption success rate for rescue centers across the country.

Each year, the program expands and continues to support organizations who are actively engaged and committed to preparing equines for success in their future homes.

Most organizations who apply to the program begin to see improvements as quickly as year one.

Scholarship recipients will be expected to
- Enroll their team in the training program
- Track progress with horses and volunteers
- Engage in quarterly webinars
- Attend a hands-on training clinic
- Contribute to Equine Welfare Data Collective
- Participate in a 60-Day Training Challenge

"I can't express how important I think this program is and how appreciative we are to have participated in the Forever Foundation our first year. We are excited to do even more with it this coming year." - Hickory Hill Farm, TN
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