2019/20 Cambiata Singer Registration
Please complete a SEPARATE form for each singer.
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Name of music teacher
Please list any medical conditions and/or food allergies, etc. that would be important for us to know. Also, note if the singer carries or uses an inhaler, EpiPen etc.
1. Most choir communication is provided through email. Please include a personal home email (preferred) that you check often. If you must include a work email be aware that many business firewalls may block our email software. Please check your junk/spam box often. Your email address is only used for this purpose and will not be sold or given to anyone outside of the ACYC organization.

2. Angelica uses the "Remind" app communication tool .This is a private mobile messaging platform used by teachers and schools.
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Firewalls at your workplace may block our emails. Include a home/personal email if possible.
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Mother or Parent/Guardian 1 First Name
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Mother or Parent/Guardian 1 other phone numbers (home, work etc.) for emergency purposes - if applicable.
Father or Parent/Guardian 2 First Name
Father or Parent/Guardian 2 Last Name
Father or Parent/Guardian 2 other phone numbers (home, work etc.) for emergency purposes- if applicable.
If parents live separately, please include additional street address, city and zip
Additional Information
If you are a new singer to ACYC, please list below any recent singing experience in school choir, church choir, theater performances, voice lessons and/or note if you play a musical instrument.
*Optional. This data is only used for grant applications and non -profit funding applications
New members - How did you hear about Angelica Cantanti Youth Choirs?
*Optional. Mother or Parent/Guardian 1 employer or profession
We apply for grants from companies like Target, Best Buy, TCF Bank, Wells Fargo, Toro, Thrivant, etc. Many times we can ONLY apply if a parent of a singer is an employee.
*Optional. Father or Parent/Guardian 2 employer or profession
Does either parent employee have a charitable giving or matching fund program?
Examples: Wells Fargo, 3M, Thrivent, General Mills, Delta, Best Buy, Seagate, Gap, etc.
Clear selection
*Optional - List your place of worship:
Why do we ask this? Sometimes we need to find new space for our choir rehearsals. It helps to know if we have any families that are members. Thank you.
Please indicate if you would like to be included in a shared directory that would include your address, email and phone for other families looking for carpool opportunities.
*This is optional
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Attendance and commitment
Singers are expected to attend every rehearsal and all performances.
If a singer has too many absences, the director may decide they are not ready to perform and/or they may be asked to leave the group.
Directors must be notified at least 2 weeks in advance of an unavoidable absence.
Attendance committment *
Financial Assistance
The ACYC financial aid application is on the website www.angelicacantanti.org under SINGER/FAMILY - forms. Deadline for application is August 15, 2019. A completed application MUST be received in our office before a singer can start attending rehearsals.
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