Community Builder Application - SBB
Community building is a field of practices directed toward the creation or enhancement of community among individuals.

Communities need “safe enough” spaces is not saying that learners need protection from argument or the discovery that they should change their minds. It is saying that learners should be able to participate in argument and inquiry without the threat of harassment or intimidation. That basic sense is feeling “safe enough” to explore differences without fear and work toward positive outcomes with courage.

Every community member understand the meaning of safe-enough spaces and agrees to abide by these

Community Guidelines:
* Respect every community member and their Experiences | Inclusiveness
* Learn through Peer learning and risk-taking within Learning Circles
* Reflect and Analyse Complex Thinking
* Show support for fellow Community Members while
* Encouraging deeper levels of analysis
* Stand by fellow community members during times of Transition and Growth

This role is one of the most important within our community so APPLY only if you're up for it. We'll help you with the tools and processes and you'll be working with the founding partners.

Application Closes Aug 15 - 2021
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