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Have you seen Bigfoot in Connecticut?  Please consider reporting your sighting here.
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What was the date and time of the sighting?
What time of day did you see Bigfoot?
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What season did you see Bigfoot in?
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Please describe the weather conditions at the time of your sighting.
For example, was it raining, misty, sunny, hot, humid, cloudy, etc.
What is the name of the closest town to the sighting?
What county in Connecticut did the sighting happen in?
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What was the name of the nearest road or highway to the sighting?
Where did you see Bigfoot?
For example, Did you see  Bigfoot in a State forest, your backyard, a town's park or somewhere else?
Please describe the landscape of the area in which you saw Bigfoot in.
For example, was there water around?  (Swamp(s), Lake(s), River(s), Pond(s), etc.). What kind of trees were in the landscape? (Pine, Maple, Oak, etc.). What was the physical description of the landscape? (Rocky, flat, hilly, etc.). Was there any landmarks? (Buildings, Monuments, Famous Landmarks, etc.)
Please describe Bigfoot? (Please be as detailed as possible)
For example, was it a male or female Bigfoot (How do you think you know the gender?). Was Bigfoot alone?  What color was Bigfoot(s), What was the Bigfoot(s) estimated height?
Was there other witnesses to this sighting? (If yes, wold they like to speak to us?)
Please include witness(s) name and contact information.   We will do our best to keep their information confidential.  
Did you hear any sounds or see anything unusual during the sighting?
For example, any strange sounds, unusual lighting in the sky or on the ground, any physical evidence seen on the ground or left behind from Bigfoot?
Please describe what you were doing before the sighting?
Please describe what Bigfoot was doing during the sighting?
Please describe your sighting in as much detail as possible from start to finish.  
We understand this question may be redundant; however, these questions help us better understand the nature of Bigfoot.  
Are you colorblind?
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Do you have hearing problems?
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Would you be willing to let us contact you during the course of our investigation with followup questions?
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If you are willing to let us contact you for followup questions please provide us with your contact information.
If you have any drawings, or photos you would like to share with us.  Please consider uploading them to your report.  
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