No More Hurting Survey - STUDENTS
Our Student Council is working on helping our school to be safer and kinder for all students. We would like you to complete this survey to help us to understand areas we can work on. This survey is part of the Martin Richard Bridge Builder campaign. Martin Richard was an 8-year-old boy on a mission to promote peace and kindness. He was tragically killed when the second of two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon in 2013. Our Student Council is working on continuing his mission.
What grade are you in? *
Please rate how often each of these types of hurting or bullying happens at our school *
This never happens
This sometimes happens
This happens often
I'm not sure
Name calling
Hitting / Physically hurting
Spreading rumors or gossip
Leaving people out of fun activities
Making faces or mean gestures
Playing unfriendly jokes
Taking or damaging other people's things
Saying mean things about people online
Encouraging other students to not be friends with someone
Write any other ways that our students hurt each other in school
Your answer
Have you ever been hurt or bullied at school?
To be a peacemaker, what is one thing that you can do or stop doing to end hurting at our school?
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Share your best idea for an action that our school could take to end hurting on our campus
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