Homework Quiz Retake Form: Sem2
Please fill answer the questions below BEFORE you come to a retake. Retakes will be held on Tuesdays, either during FLEX time (when possible) or after school. You may retake each quiz ONCE, during any retake time offered, up until a week after the related unit test. Be sure to prepare; you will receive your retake score, even if it is lower.

This form is for RETAKING quizzes only: not for quizzes you missed and need to make up. For those, please email Ms. Grant to set up a time.
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How will you prepare yourself to get a better score on this retake? Please describe any study plans you have *
What actions/behaviors/mistakes caused you to earn this score? Check all that apply, or add your own. BE HONEST!! *
How you will correct these actions/behaviors/mistakes for the NEXT QUIZ? *
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