Society and Culture PIP: An investigation into social media and its contribution to a universal and stereotyped standard of beauty.
First of all, thank you so much for taking your time to fill in the survey! Any information you provide will remain anonymous and discarded once the research has been completed.

Some info on the survey:
As part of the HSC Society and Culture syllabus, I'm undertaking the Personal Interest Project where students undertake a research based on an area of interest. As an active user of social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, I've always been exposed to images of what is considered an "ideal" beauty standard for both women and men as dictated by advertisements and influencers. As the popularity of such platforms increases exponentially so does issues of body image and self-esteem among society. Through this survey, I plan to collect information that can help me decode the extent of social media influence on users and potential actions that have been taken by the social media community to counterattack the unhealthy beauty standards that are being presented.
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Which social media platforms do you use? (Select all that apply) *
How many hours do you spend on average in a day on social media *
Do you follow any beauty influencers (big or small) on social media (including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Snapchat etc.)? *
Who are some beauty influencers are you aware of? *
What is the ideal standard of beauty for both genders according to social media influencers? *
Do you think the beauty ideals being portrayed on social media are attainable? *
If you answered "No" to the previous question, why do you think beauty ideals in social media are not attainable? (SKIP if you said Yes)
How do you think beauty standards affect people in your age group? *
Have you ever felt pressured to conform to the beauty standards presented in social media platforms? *
Imagine on social media you read a comment insulting someone for not fitting in the beauty standards. How would you respond? *
Do you think there is enough diversity being promoted by influencers (in terms of size, skin color, ) in social media platforms? Please explain *
What are some ways users, influencers and social media platforms can promote a more inclusive and healthy standard of beauty? *
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