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Babbasa is an established social enterprise supporting young people into their dream careers!

What are the Youth Ambassadors?

Young people in Bristol who want to make a difference to their community and have their voice heard. They're passionate, driven and happy to work within a team of up to 14 other young people to solve a problem in their community.

What is the Ask from Babbasa?

1) Time commitment — youth ambassadors will have to commit to the equivalent of two hours of work per week
2) To demonstrate the resilience and strength to overcome challenges during the Youth Ambassador programme
3) To be willing to work in a team with other young people and listen to and share ideas
4) Organising and running a community event that addresses the needs of young people in the city

What is the Offer from Babbasa?

1) Gain important soft skills e.g leadership, etc
2) First hand experience in event and project management
3) Opportunity to build or enhance your CV
4) Opportunity to build both personal & professional networks in line with your aspirations
5) Become part of a supportive network of like minded peers
6) Graduate to become a Babbasa Trailblazer (alumni) with access to career progression opportunities, exclusive events in
the city and support from a peer network
7) Guaranteed a professional mentor and personalised support to access work, enterprise startup or further education
8) Opportunity to make a difference and have your voice heard
We will be running Youth Ambassador Training days on 11th and 12th January (10am - 3pm). This is a really important part of our training process. Can you attend both of these days? *
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