VISION: PROJECT 18235AFRICA (P18235A) is a Collective of like minded people, political candidates aged 18-35, organisations and supporters with the vision to achieve transformative politics and governance in Africa.

MISSION: Our mission is to educate, empower and elect selfless and credible young African leaders across party lines.

1. Increase representation of young credible leaders in governance across Africa.
2. Replace ineffective and improvident leadership across Africa at all levels of governance.
3. Encourage and amplify collaboration-focused politics in place of violent, selfish and unproductive politics.
4. Support candidates through trainings, strategy, network and available resources.
5. Fight for freer and fairer elections that protect the interest and votes of P18235A candidates/members.

Integrity in Governance: Every P18235A candidate/member commits to consciously and intentionally act with integrity by abiding to applicable rules and regulations, norms, culture values and ethical standards regulated by law and society's values.

Community, Country and Continent: Every P18235A member/candidate pledges to engage and practice a community, country and continent first ideology. The ultimate goal is to have a glocal (global + local) impact.

Collaboration: Every P18235A candidate pledges to collaborate with all other P18235A candidates to achieve a common goal, regardless of party affiliation.

Selflessness: Every member of the P18235A understands that the collective good supersedes personal interest and/or promotion, and pledges to be selfless in service and leadership.

Transparency: All members of the P18235A understand that transparency is crucial to great leadership, and hence commit to engage in transparent leadership.

Accountability: Every member of P18235A pledges to be accountable to the Collective and respective community, in leadership and service.

Capacity: P18235A pledges to help every candidate build capacity for effective leadership, service and governance.

Results: P18235A members pledge to be results-driven because leadership and service have direct impact on people's lives.

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