Request for 911 Address
Western Arkansas Planning and Development District
1109 S 16th St - P O Box 2067 - Fort Smith AR 72902
Telephone (479)785-2651 Fax (479)785-1964

To apply for a 911 address for your new home or business, please fill out the e-form below. Once completed, press the Submit button to send the request form to the 911 Coordinator. If you prefer, you can contact the 911 Department at (479)785-2651 to submit your request.

Within 5 business days after you submit your form, you will receive notice of your assigned address by telephone. A follow-up confirmation letter will be mailed to you at the current mailing address you provided on this form. This timeframe is dependent upon culvert permit approval.

If you make a mistake before you send your address request information, press the back button to go back and make changes.

A 911 address for a new structure should be obtained before making arrangements for utility services. Utility companies (telephone, electric, gas water and so forth) may request a 911 address for structures to be served.

An applicant requesting an address in Crawford or Sebastian County outside of a city limit must obtain a culvert permit from the County Road Department if the structure to be addressed is accessed off of a county maintained road. Please contact the appropriate County Road Department at the phone numbers listed below for permit information.

Crawford County (479)474-6017
Sebastian County (479)996-4485

A 911 address will not be provided to an applicant until the 911 Coordinator has been notified that the applicant has obtained this permit.
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