South Boston COVID Business Impact Survey
As the impact of the virus continues to unfold, and with the passing of the CARES Act and federal stimulus package solidified for small business recovery, we want to know if our businesses have access to the information they need; if these new resources are effectively getting to our business community; and if they are adequately meeting your needs.

Please take 5 minutes to help us better understand the needs as you are experiencing them and ideas for coordinated solution making that could be helpful. Also, please feel free to share this survey with others in your network as we gather as much information as possible.

The Small Business Coalition is a working group of state, regional, and local organizations and leaders collaborating to support the business ecosystem across Massachusetts.
1. What is the ZIP code of your business? *
2. How has your business been impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak in the last 8 weeks? *
3. What percentage fall in sales do you expect to see in the next 3 months from the Coronavirus? *
4. What resources are you currently using to navigate the impact of the outbreak? *
5. Does your business currently have business interruption insurance? If yes, do you plan on taking advantage of this option? *
6. To what degree are you aware of the options available for small business relief under the federal stimulus? *
7. Where are you primarily learning about resources that may be applicable to your small business? *
8. Which small business relief options do you plan on primarily applying for under the federal stimulus package? (check all that apply) If None, why not? *
9. Do you expect to look for help in applying for loans or grants relating to the current crisis? *
10. Do you believe the relief options available under the federal stimulus package will be able to effectively meet your business needs in the next 3 months? If No, why not? (answer in comment) *
11. Beyond financial assistance, what other type of assistance do you anticipate you'll need to manage effects of the Coronavirus outbreak? *
12. Have you been forced to lay off employees at this time? If No, do you anticipate you will need to in the future? (answer in comment) *
13. If you had the ear of your Mayor, Governor, President, what would you like them to know that is not captured in the above responses? What specific solutions would you recommend to them? *
14. Your Industry: *
15. How many employees did you have prior to the Coronavirus? Estimates are acceptable. *
16. What is your annual gross business revenue? *
17. Business or Company Name:
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