Youth & Student Exchange Program

**You can get Scholarship from 200 US $ to 500 US $ . That will be in shape of discount in your fee.

The Fee includes following :
1-Accommodation in Australia (7 Nights)
3- Course Material
4-Inland Transportation in Australia
5-City Tour of Melbourne
6-Sight Seeing of Great Ocean Road

Over the past decade, there has been a growing recognition of the youth's participation in economic, social and political processes. Governments, international agencies, civil society and private sector organizations across the World have realized that young people are powerful agents of change who, if supported and empowered, can drive the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Youth Exchange Program will offer a unique opportunity to learn , grown and act for social transformation.


Improve young people’s understanding of SDGs and their roles in achieving them.
Increase understanding and cooperation between young people around the earth.
Build the capacity of youth in implementing projects and activities aligned to the SDGs,Sharing and Accepting Cultural Diversity and Interfaith Harmony.
Strengthen global and regional partnership for youth Engagement and development in Asia and the Pacific Region.
Identify opportunities for young people to learn Leadership and Management Skills, Decision Making, Creative Learning and Practical Experience.


Learning & Team-building

These sessions will teach youth participants concepts and build their skills related to sustainable development. Moreover, youth will get to know each other in teams and strengthen their relationships in preparation of upcoming activities in communities.

Research & Local Actions

These sessions will deepen youth participant’s understanding of local contexts to enable them to undertake concrete short-term local action. Through these opportunities to see on-the-ground realities, youth will identify longer-term project opportunities and development interventions.

Communication & Advocacy

After local experiences, youth teams will present their output and receive feedback from experts. These youth will be inspired to identify next steps to act together towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development , Cultural Diversity , Peace and Harmony in the region.

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