Assessing Library Needs for NYTS Students
Hello students! My name is Rafael Reyes III, Asst. Professor of Theology and Religious Studies, and new Director of Information Literacy and Library Services. I am excited to walk along side as you journey through your seminary experience.

New York Theological Seminary has and continues to re-envision Theological Education for the 21st century. Part of that process is to asses the seminary needs in the area of library services and inquire how it provides opportunities for students in their own research and development. One of the options we are assessing is if the seminary should invest in an online digital library system. It would provide access to :

- Over 425,000 e-books
- Over 150 databases
- Over 20,000 journal titles
- Over 250,000,000 full-text, peer-reviewed, articles
- Over 100,000 musical scores

In addition, there are curated subject guides, which help you as a student with critical introductions and works in the field. Some of the subjects are:

- Old Testament Studies
- New Testament Studies
- History of Christianity
- Pastoral Care
- Religious Education
- Religion, Ethics, & Society
- Chaplaincy
- Post-Colonial Studies
- LGBTQIA Studies

These are a few of the subject guides offered. We want you to also join along on this journey, so we would like your input on a couple of questions:

What has been your experience accessing library resources at NYTS?
How often do you access the library resources provided by NYTS? (be honest in your response; this is helpful as we assess needs for students)
Have you encountered any difficulty accessing NYTS Library Resources?
If the above answer was yes, how was it difficult?
Would access to library resources around your schedule be beneficial for your own research as you move along your graduate program at NYTS?
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