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We look forward to seeing what amazing ideas the CyberBrokers community comes up with!

Use this form to submit your own original Creation idea or to apply for a Bounty for the CyberBrokers Community Fund.

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Title *
The title of your original Creation idea or the name of the Bounty you are applying for.
Type *
Is this submission your own amazing creation or are you responding to a bounty?
Funding *
 $USD amount to complete?
Timeframe *
The amount of elapsed time to complete in weeks.
Free/Paid *
When completed, will your creation be free to use for all or will there be a fee to use?  If there is a fee please include (1) estimated pricing in Summary (2) more information in Details section.
Summary *
Get us excited about your Creation idea by sharing your elevator pitch.  For Bounties, describe what will set your submission apart from all others.  Less than two paragraphs.
Primary Contact *
Email address and Name
Team *
Name, Discord, Twitter, email address for team members with any additional information you'd like to provide about team members - backgrounds, experience, skills, etc.
Permanence *
After completion of the project, how will it be made available on a permanent basis, even after you are no longer involved?
Provide any additional details you believe are important to help understand the details of your submission - dependencies, hard costs, how funds will be used, technologies used, delivery methods, revenue generation and proposed investment repayment, etc...
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