FCS Climate & Culture Survey
FCS Survey
1) Please select the school your child attends.
2) When something is not working in our school, the principal and staff predict and prevent rather than react and repair.
3) Members of our school staff seek alternatives to problems/issues rather than repeating what we have always done.
4) My child’s teacher(s) present materials in creative and engaging ways.
5) The school staff is passionate and excited about their job.
6) Our school staff is positive ad supports the district’s core values of integrity, collaboration, accountability, respect, and excellence.
7) Our school reflects a true “sense” of community
8) What is one thing that you feel would make FCS better?
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9) Do you feel welcome in your child’s school?
10) Our school staff welcomes new ideas and solutions to enhance my child’s learning.
11) Overall, how would you rate the culture of your school building?
12) Our school principal is visible and involved in the learning of my child.
13) What is FCS doing well?
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