2020-2021 Broadway Class Audition Form
We are very excited to continue our Broadway classes this fall semester. We will be having classes for two age groups, one for Grades 4 to 8 and our Advanced Broadway class for Grades 9 to 12.

For grades 4-8: STAGEWORKS Class: We will not only work on singing and musical technique, but we will also explore elements of acting, stage presence, choreography, dancing, even show choir and other aspects of what it means to be a performer. Based on auditions for each age group, students will be assigned a part in a specific song or scene. Our Grades 4 to 8 class will also contain student leadership positions. There is a 4 student enrollment minimum to hold the course.
Class Time: Fridays 4:15-5PM

For grades 9-12: This is an advanced, fast-paced class for motivated, talented, and self-disciplined performers. This is an accelerated class that gives an experience similar to "real life" performing and expectations. There will also be callbacks that include singing and dancing. This is a September to May commitment for dedicated performers and die-hard lovers of Broadway and performance.
Class Time: Fridays 5PM
Audition Form and Video Submissions Due: December 20, 2020
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There is a 4-student acceptance minimum to be able to open a class. Students may not get a lead role or be accepted into the program even if they were accepted a previous semester.

The Advanced Broadway Class is a September to May commitment. It's an advanced class for dedicated, hard-working performers who are in this for the long run!

Class Times:

Grades 4-8: Fridays 4:15-5PM
Advanced Broadway class: Fridays 5-6PM

*Class dates and times are subject to change

Tuition amount: $65/month (September to December)
$40/month for those currently taking lessons

Additional rehearsals/performance opportunities may be added. Class attendance is required. Classes will be held at our studio 1008 Columbus Ave. Students may be asked to purchase costume pieces/props as part of the program. Class times will have certain numbers called each week and students may not be called to every class depending on their roles received.
Please upload the following video(s) along with your audition form: Send all materials to chelsea@redschoolofmusic.com (you may also send via unlisted youtube link or via google drive/photos by September 1, 2020.
The video should be 45-60 seconds long and showing you at your highest energy, your best self, doing everything you can, your absolute best.

45-60 second video of you dancing*
45-60 second video of you singing

If you want to send a video of you singing and dancing at the same time, you are also welcome to do that.

The video should be 45-60 seconds long and showing you at your highest energy, your best self, doing everything you can, your absolute best.

For those interested in choreographing numbers: 45-60 second dance example of your ORIGINAL choreography
For those interested in stage management/costumes/makeup/or hair design: Please submit a paragraph written statement explaining your interest in these fields and why you would be a good fit.

This class is a September-May commitment. By auditioning for the class you are committing to all rehearsals and performance dates. 60 day notice is required to drop the class while payment is still due. Numbers will have to be reassigned and re-choreographed for any student that drops.

*Videos are accepted from the past 90 days. For those re-auditioning for fall, you must submit different videos from your summer video auditions.
Callbacks for Advanced Broadway 9-12: Friday, Sept 4 at 5pm
There will be a specific dance and specific vocal numbers requested which will be provided to you in advance.
Send your videos to chelsea@redschoolofmusic.com and we will be reviewing them!
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