2021 MoHS Marching Band Pre-Fitting Registration
The Moanalua High School Marching Band & Color Guard is asking those prospective students who are interested in joining to complete this Pre-Fitting Registration by June 04, 2021 The season calendar and events are still subject to change as we are currently awaiting clearance from the DOE on future school wide event guidelines.

** Uniform fitting dates / times will be announced soon pending on school administration approval. Please bear with us and check out our Music Department website: www.mohsmusic.com for updated information by the band director(s) regarding our upcoming MB season **

If you are a NEW student who is applying to MoHS on a Geographic Exception (GE) and awaiting for your confirmation, please make a notation on this sign up form. Signing up for MB does not mean your GE is confirmed. Official GE acceptance will come from MoHS Administation/Registrar's office.

To finalize your intent to join this season, please refer to the information flyers for payment.

ALL MoHS Marching Band & Color Guard MEMBERS must complete the form!

- Pep Polo Shirt
- Pep Pants
- Black Marching Band shoes or CG shoes
- Dri-Fit MB Shirt
- MB gloves or CG gloves
**** MAKE SURE TO TRY THEM ON TO MAKE SURE THAT THEY STILL FIT, OR see if you need to purchase a replacement if you can't find them and/or you need a NEW size.

ROOKIES: Since most of you will need to order every piece of the pep uniform, please provide us with your CURRENT size for your shoe size, denim jeans size, and polo shirt size. IF YOU ARE UNSURE, please ask your parent and provide us with your best estimate.

Student's Email Please make sure to use an email that is working at all times. Your school GMAIL WILL NOT WORK during the summer.
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Parent Guardian Last Name, First Name *
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Graduating Class of: *
Band / Orchestra Instrument ("NA" if you do not play an instrument at all.) *
Marching Band Instrument (Note: We do not use Bass Clarinet, Bari Sax, Oboe, or Bassoon on the field. Please indicate the instrument that you plan to march with) *
Participants may need to audition for CG & Weapons. You are not confirmed until the auditions are finalized. If you are planning to tryout for Percussion or Color Guard please fill out this information.
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Check the item(s) you need to order:
How tall are you? (ex. 5 ft 6 in) *
What is your Polo Shirt / Dri-Fit Shirt Size (This is based on Men's size) *
Pep Band Pants Size? Please base on your jeans size. We have a few girls / boys sizes. Womens / Mens Please state size (e.g. Women Size 2 or Mens 30 X 28) *
What is your dress shoe size? (e.g. Women's Size 6 or Men's 9 1/2) *
QUESTIONS: If you have any questions, we will try to respond back to you. NOTE: During the summer YOUR SCHOOL GMAIL WILL BE DISABLED (NOT ACTIVE). Please use an email address that is working at all times.
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