ThetaHealing Session by donation
I'm sometimes giving away sessions and also have been donating one amount of every session for a charity project. I realised that I'd rather offer by donation sessions so that everyone who needs a healing but is financially struggling, can get the opportunity to heal and make a shift. For me this has a bigger impact - once we make a shift and start changing our lives for better, it's naturally that people around us feeling that as well and start benefiting from it too.

I'm fully trusting that you're in a situation where you need a healing but have financial struggles. I'm asking you for the donated amount because it's always good to have an energy exchange also we see value in something we don't get for free - it's easier for our minds to shift since by paying and answering this form we consciously decided to make a change in our life. Also I cheerish my work & time and want to be able to share it with the world.

2 people per month have the possibility to get a ThetaHealing session by donation.

Feel free to write me ( anytime if you have a question, want just to share or are not sure about something.

So looking forward to working with you,

PS. Falls du nur deutsch sprichst, dann schreibe mir einfach eine E-Mail (

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