My Giving Plan for January – December 2018
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My monthly giving
I desire to assist the Center for Spiritual Living in preparing its 2018 Spending Plan by providing my best estimate of my giving in 2018.
(A) I prayerfully estimate that my Regular Contribution in 2018 per month will be $______ *
Can You Support Our New Home?
Our 2018 Plan calls for an additional $15,000 in order to rent and outfit our new home. If you are financially able, we ask you to include an additional amount to support it.
(B) I am able to give an additional amount per month for the support of our new home on top of my regular contribution entered above in the amount of $_______
I understand that I may increase or decrease my planned amount at any time during the year by calling the Center or e-mailing *
My Total Estimated Monthly Contribution for 2018 is (A) + (B) $______________
I understand that I may contribute my tax deductible planned amount in any of the following ways:
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