Glimpse into being a coach on The Healthy Revenge Movement!
Welcome Healthy Revenger! Some of my amazing team and I are going to be sharing about what it is that makes us so passionate about coaching below! You'll learn what it is we do, why we love it and how this opportunity can create freedom on your terms in your life!

Please use the space below the videos to jot down any questions you may have...I will be sure to answer them!

Cheers to your Healthy Revenge and enjoy!

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What is a coach? What to expect as a coach presented by coach Doreen.
A day in my life as a work at home mom.
What does coaching look like for a full time coach presented by coach Alayne.
We share, inspire and help...we don't sell presented by coach Cathleen.
Products we love presented by coach Suzanne!
Success Story from coach Staci.
Truths and Myths presented by coach Cathleen.
Shakeology and why we love it...presented by coach Liz.
Perks of Coaching!
Details of joining presented by coach Bethany!
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I'd be happy to answer any or your questions in a message, email or phone call! Text me at 716-361-9098 when you're done viewing our Glimpse into Coaching and thank you so much for being part of this experience with me! Any other questions?
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