2021 Triad Brewery Patron Feedback Study
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and the Triad Brewers Alliance are conducting a study of guests at Triad breweries.  This study will help local breweries better understand and serve their guests.

Participation in this questionnaire is completely voluntary.  This survey should take about 10 minutes to complete. You have the right to refuse to participate or to withdraw at any time, without penalty.  If you do withdraw, it will not affect you in any way.  If you choose to withdraw, you may request that any of your data which has been collected be destroyed unless it is in a de-identifiable state. All information obtained in this study is strictly confidential unless disclosure is required by law.

Your consent will be indicated by completing and returning the questionnaire.  Your answers will be kept confidential.  

Questions, concerns or complaints about this project or benefits or risks associated with being in this study can be answered by Dr. Erick Byrd who may be contacted at etbyrd@uncg.edu.  

Thank you for your time and participation,
Erick T Byrd, PhD
Associate Professor
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What NC Triad brewery are you visiting?
What is the zip code of your primary residence?
How many times have you been to a NC brewery in the last year?
to NC breweries?
What level of loyalty do you have to this brewery?
Clear selection
How far are you willing to travel to specifically visit a brewery?  
Clear selection
When traveling how likely are you to seek out local breweries to visit and/or beer?
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What would you (in your own words) say are the most important characteristics or features of a beer region/ attraction?
BREWERY FEATURES: Please rate the importance you would place on each of the following features. Please rate each attribute (1= no importance; 2= not important; 3= neutral; 4= important; 5= very important).  
No Importance
Not Important
Very Important
Appealing Website
Brewery with a history
Brewery with a story
Variety of beers
Good customer service
Brewery staff are knowledgeable about beer
The brewery is close to my home
There are a large number of breweries in the immediate area
Brewery has good signage
The brewery’s location has historic appeal
The community has a sense of history
The setting is comfortable
The brewery has reputable beers
Adequate entertainment
Local products/produce from the region on offer
Live music
Trivia/ game nights
Watching sports
Clear selection
How important are the following activities for you when visiting a North Carolina brewery? Please rate each activity (1= no importance; 2= not important; 3= neutral; 4= important; 5= very important).
No Importance
Not Important
Very Important
To taste NC beer
To buy NC beer
To have a day out
To socialize with friends and family
To learn about beer and beer making
To rest and relax
To go on a brewery tour
To be able to talk to a brewer
To eat and drink at the brewery
To be entertained
To visit a historical attraction in the area
To buy NC beer related gifts/ souvenirs
To have a different NC experience
To engage in an activity to fill a free weekend or holiday period
Clear selection
Please rate the following. (1=definitely will not; 2= unlikely; 3=neither likely nor unlikely; 4= likely; 5=very likely) How likely are you …
Definitely will not
Neither likely nor unlikely
Very likely
to visit this brewery in the future?
to visit any brewery in NC in the future?
to purchase NC beer in the future?
to attend a NC beer festival in the future?
to recommend this brewery to others?
to share this brewery experience with others via a social media?
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What is your race/ethnic group?
What age category do you fit in?
With which gender do you identify?
What is the highest degree that you have earned?
What are your preferred social media sites?  
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