Do a Mitzvah and give a Purim Basket!
Here’s how it works:

On Sunday, March 17, a Purim basket will be delivered to every member of Or Atid. Included in the basket will be a card listing everyone who contributed to their basket.

You can take part in this special program by choosing whose Purim basket you would like to contribute to. Each individual contribution costs $6. You can choose as many people as you would like. (For example, if you pick 6 members, it costs you $36.) Or, you can contribute to everyone’s basket - the Ganze Megillah special - for $360.

Once your order is placed, you will receive an email confirming the Or Atid members you have selected as well as the money owed (and instructions on how to pay). The deadline for submitting orders is Sunday, March 10. Happy Purim, Or Atid!

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