2020 Battle River Volleyball Club Code of Conduct
To be signed at time of team selection and kept by coach at sporting facilities at all times
As a BRVC Athlete you will:
-Respect the privileges and pride of every athlete, coach, official and parent by demonstrating sportsmanship, cooperation and positive attitude
-Anticipate and be responsible for your own needs, including being organized, having the appropriate equipment, being ready for practice 15 minutes prior to scheduled time and one hour prior to tournament game time
-Inform your coaches by phone/email at least three hours prior to scheduled practice if you are not able to attend
-Respect the time and commitment your coaches have given to you as an athlete and remember to thank them for enabling you to play club ball
-Dress in team apparel, warm up gear, using team bag
-Remember tournament curfew is 11:00pm or earlier depending on coaches discretion
-Absolutely no energy drinks at practices or tournaments
-Respect your player/coach relationship and follow instruction for all practices and game play
As a BRVC Coach you will:
-Respect your players as individuals
-Express in a positive manner how you wish your players to act and react on and off the court, at practice and tournament play
-Be a positive role model
-Interact professionally with parents during practice and games
-Help develop each player to reach their potential
-Notify team managers of any conflicts you see during the course of the season
-Make sure all equipment is accounted for at the end of each practice and tournament
-No players in coaches room
As a BRVC Parent you will:
-Respect all coaching decisions
-Assist in various team duties as required
-Support and encourage the team as a whole
-Understand that this is a club volleyball program and there is no guaranteed court time. All players earn their court time through hard work and effort
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