2020 Fall Online After-School Registration Form
Mon, Aug 17, 2020-Fri, Dec 18, 2021 │ Mon-Fri (3:00-5:00pm)

Please note:
1) You can register for one class only or any combinations of multiple classes. Please limit 1 form per child.
2) Class requirement: Computer/laptop/iPad, ZOOM application, microphone, and stable internet
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2020 Fall Semester Tuition and Fees
FULL TIME-Please check boxes to indicate classes desired:
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Payment Method
Tuition can be paid semesterly or quarterly via the following ways:
1) Check: Make payable to RedApple Learning Campus or RALC and then mail it to the following address:
105 Big Meadows Place
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
2) Online Paypal / Credit Card payment: Click on the link below. A service fee of 2.5% of the transaction amount will apply.
Cancellations and Refunds
1) Classes with enrollment of less than five students are subject to cancellation. Any registrations for it will be fully refunded.
2) We cannot refund any tuition after the class has begun. There is no refund or credit for missed classes due to the student's absence.
One-Semester Contract Agreement
I acknowledge that I am signing a one-semester contract with RALC. The entire remaining balances for the fall 2020 will be charged if a 2-week written notice is not given. Early withdrawal due to any reason will be subject to appropriate fees as explained in TUITION & FEES section.
Almost done! We have 2 more questions. Your response will be highly appreciated.
Q1: Will your child be interested in more science webinars or online hands-on art/science projects? Those activities will be free and only open to registered after school students.
Q2: What kind of extracurricular activities are you still interested in? Any suggestions or recommendations?
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