Youth LEG Fall 2018 - Lobbyist Application
All those interested in being a Lobbyist must complete this form prior to Thursday night's closing session.

Delegates selected will serve as lobbyists representing a firm dedicated to a specific topic of interest. The Governor and Secretary of State will appoint the lobbyists, who become eligible for the lobbyist position if their does not progress from committee on Thursday night. Delegates can apply for this position before they know the status of their bill. Lobbyists will be assigned to a firm that fits one of the topics listed for selection at the bottom of the application, and lobbyists will be allowed full speaking privileges in all House and Senate chambers throughout the conference to advocate for or against bills based on their firm’s designated topic of issues. Delegates of the same firms will work together to coordinate speaking schedules and speeches, and lobbyists will be announced during Friday morning's opening session.

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