MVWatch Construction Monitoring Volunteer Interest Form
The Mountain Valley Watch volunteer construction monitoring program seeks volunteers to observe, record, and report potential environmental violations along the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) route. Personal information collected through this form will be used only for the purposes of coordinating training, monitoring, image reviewing, and reporting.

-- Volunteers are needed out in the field to safely collect and submit images of MVP erosion and sediment control methods using data location apps such as Solocator (

-- Other volunteers can help remotely by reviewing Solocator and aerial images uploaded to maps and flagging potential problems for further review or reporting to Virginia DEQ and West Virginia DEP.

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NO VOLUNTEER IS EVER REQUIRED to perform work that they believe is unsafe or that they think is likely to cause injury or a health risk to themselves or others. Monitoring activity will take place outside the boundaries of MVP rights-of-way and safely away from active construction, MVP personnel, and equipment. Volunteers will use a buddy system, obey federal, state, and local laws, and enter private property only with permission and notice to landowners. Volunteers will strictly avoid monitoring during extreme weather hazards including, but not limited to, lightning, high wind, or other severe weather alerts. *
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