Galileo Connecting Families Survey
Survey for Galileo parents and students to give us feedback on what you know about Digital Citizenship. The survey is anonymous for everyone!
What do you do online? *
Looking at the list above, list in order which three you do the MOS T of ten. *
Out of all the things you do online, which is your FAVORITE? *
Which topics have you had conversations about at home? *
What would you say is your family’s MOST IMPORTANT rule or policy about using technology?
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Check the items that your family has rules or family guidelines around. *
Do you have your own cell phone? *
What kind of tech can parents in your family use in their bedrooms? *
Do you sleep with your cell phone in your room? *
Have you ever…. *
What kind of tech can students in your family use in their bedrooms? *
Do you use privacy settings on your social media accounts? *
In your house, do parents look at kids’ social media accounts? *
Are there any topics you wish you had MORE information about and help with? *
What concerns you the MOST about today ’s world life ? *
What excites you the MOST about today ’s digital world? *
Are you a: *
Are you a: *
What grade(s) are you (or your kids, if you’re a parent!) in? *
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