The Mastermind Application Form
I am excited to invite Catholic School Leaders to a Mastermind group!

Gaining clarity, setting goals, and supporting one another, especially now is essential so I have decided to provide an opportunity for school leaders and I would love to have you join me!

Do you need clarity this year? I have found that when we are isolated, our vision and purpose becomes clouded. Learning who you are as a leader and what to do now to move forward happens best in a community of peers. When school leaders join together with intentional focus, encouragement, accountability, and vulnerability, great results follow.

If you have a great passion for serving your school community and engaging with fellow principals from around the world and desire this high level of support, you are invited to join me in the School Leaders Mastermind! This group will provide you with regular encouragement as you accomplish daily goals and sharpen your skills as a school leader.

I would love to help you navigate through school leadership and I promise to walk alongside you, helping you grow and become the school leader you desire. If you want to be considered to be one of the select school leaders to join me, just complete the application below.


Catholic School Leaders who are intentional, real, growth-minded, open, committed, honest, and faithful. We succeed. We fail. We pivot. We figure it out together, week by week.


A mastermind is a place where school leaders can accelerate their leadership development in 3 essential areas (60% professional, 30% personal, 10% spiritual) with a secure and trusted group of advisors and friends.

Small group size of 8 members (Your own trusted group of advisors)
We will meet for 1 hour per week
Choose the best time that works for you
Easy weekly video access on Zoom

The mastermind meeting has 4 parts:

1. We spend the first 10 minutes checking in with updates on work/life, wins-of-the-week.
2. Leadership Book Study 15 minutes. Each month we read a different leadership book and discuss it.
3. Hot Seats 30 minutes. This is the true value of the mastermind. When it is your turn you will share a challenge, scenario or question that you are currently facing and would like the group's help with to find a solution. With that kind of support, imagine what you could accomplish! There is so much value in this for you as a leader to consider challenges, scenarios or questions they may not have even experienced yet and get perspective and tools to push past those scenarios before they even arrive.
4. Wrap it up 5 minutes.

The aim of the group is to grow personal and professional friendships, share in discussions, book readings, and resources.


To allow the mastermind program to work for you, it requires a weekly 1 hour commitment.
Dedication to give to the others with intentional connection.
Willingness to grow and be supported, be transparent, be authentic, and giving.


For questions, feel free to reach out to me directly: (630) 272 4335 or at

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