Southern Comfort Animal Rescue Fix Georgia Pets Spay/Neuter Grant
There is an overpopulation of dogs in Georgia and as a result, unwanted dogs are abandoned and are euthanized everyday. SoCo is working with FGP to provide assistance to those in need for spaying/neutering their dogs. We need to be in compliance with the guidelines of the grant. We need all the information requested below. In addition, all dogs in the program MUST have a rabies vaccine ($15.00) and we are required to ask participants to contribute what they can to the cost of the procedure. Participants will be responsible for caring for their dogs post-procedure and this includes keeping them indoors and limiting activity. In completing the application, you are agreeing to hold SoCo harmless of any unseen events occurring during the process.
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Name and age of pet *
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All dogs participating in the program must be current on their rabies vaccine. Can you provide proof of current rabies vaccine or are you willing to pay $15 to get your dog vaccinated at the time of the procedure? *
Names and ages of all pets in home. *
The Fix Georgia Pets Grant is for those who have financial hardship. Please describe why you might be eligible for this grant? We ask that each dog owner contribute what they can so we can offer assistance to a greater number of people. How much can you contribute to the cost of the procedure? *
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