Agile Finland ry community poll 2015
We asked you about your ideas about the Agile Finland ry and community a year ago. It's time to ask again. We feel we need to get to know a bit more about our community members and their ideas and expectations towards Agile Finland ry. Please take time to fill in our survey and drive Agile Finland to include your perspectives.

We realize there's a number of questions. We hope you notice that only the very first one is compulsory. And that in addition to that, the last one is needed for you to be a part in the lottery.

Amongst all that replied and want to leave their email address, we'll do a lottery of a Scan Agile 2016 ticket. Lottery is done on 31.10.2015 and you still can fill in the form after that!

How likely is it that you would recommend Agile Finland to a friend or colleague? *
very unlikely
very likely
Your work title - the one that you would have on a business card?
Your answer
Organization context you work in?
If you work in multiple contexts, pick the most important one. Use the same organization for the following questions too
Size of your organization in employees (roughly)?
Your answer
The name of your employer
We'd like to know a list companies with people who consider being in Agile Finland community.
Your answer
What kind of activities are you doing today? (Work profile now/past)
Check all that apply. Think of what you've actually done in the last 3 months!
What kind of activities do you see yourself doing in five years? (Work profile in the future)
How many years have you personally worked using agile methods?
Your answer
How many years has your current organization used agile methods?
Your answer
Please explain what 'being agile' means to you?
This can be as short as a couple of keywords, or up to several paragraphs - you decide!
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Agile Finland Channel Evaluation
Which Agile Finland channels do you use and find useful?
I use this
I don't use this as I don't want to
I did not know it existed website
Linkedin discussion group
Agile Finland Newsletter (mailchimp)
Yahoogroups discussion list
Agile Finland twitter handle (@agilefinland)
Agile Finland Facebook discussion group
Agile Finland google plus page
Scan Agile twitter handle (@scanagile)
Tampere Goes Agile twitter handle (@tmpgoesagile)
Agile Finland Oulu Facebook discussion group
Does Agile Finland give you the info on agile and agile community that you'd like to get?
If no, what info would you like to get more / less of?
Your answer
Which of the following would you consider relevant content for you?
Not relevant
I consider this spam
Regular newsletter
Event announcements (free events)
Event announcements (paid events)
Job postings from employer organisations
Discussion (online) within the community
Commercial trainings in Finland
Price deductions for commercial events
Articles on agile in English
Articles on agile in Finnish
Job postings from recruitment organizations
In which Agile events in Finland did you participate in the last 12 months?
Your answer
Event locations
On a perfect topic, mark the locations the event could be in so that you'd consider participating
Yes, I might participate
No, I would not participate
Which types of event formats you find interesting?
Conferences - full days of talks
Seminars - few hours of talks
Opening talk + Discussion with peers
Discussion with peers (e.g. open spaces)
Workshops - practicing something hands-on
Do you have scheduling preference for events?
What event topics would you suggest to consider for Agile Finland?
What should we address together as community?
Your answer
Would you be interested to contribute in organizing events?
Would you be interested to contribute in writing articles for Agile Finland community?
Are you a member of Agile Finland?
The word is free. What would you like us to consider that we did not even realize to ask?
Your answer
Your email as contact (for volunteering and lottery)
Your answer
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