UMass Boston Faculty Letter in Support of Laid Off Faculty
To Chancellor Newman and the rest of the UMass Boston community:

We write as concerned members of the UMass Boston faculty.  We are deeply concerned by the university’s decision to send out letters of non-reappointment to hundreds of faculty, essentially laying off the very people who worked so hard to facilitate the transition to remote learning and insure that our students made it through the Spring 2020 semester. These letters are damaging to the reputation of the University during this crucial time, and are particularly troubling given that:

*The proposed layoffs are devastating for both faculty and students, especially as Fall enrollment remains strong.  Fewer courses/instructors mean larger courses, and research shows that small class sizes are crucial to the success of interactive online courses.  This is particularly true for UMass Boston students, many of whom require extra support from instructors.

*UMass Boston should be planning to lower – not raise -- the student/faculty ratio for Fall 2020.  It is counterproductive to preemptively reduce the number of instructors with the modality of next semester’s courses in doubt.  Reducing the number of faculty reduces the quality of education the university provides to its students.

*The university's fiscal health remains sound compared to the other UMass campuses, and it has an ethical responsibility to protect its most precarious faculty during a period of economic crisis when it may be particularly difficult for laid off faculty to find alternative employment.   Preemptive cuts that target the most vulnerable are damaging to those faculty, to students, to the university as a whole, and to the overall economic health of the communities we serve.

*UMass Boston has yet to do what universities across the country have done and cut the salaries of upper administrators.  It is egregious and tone deaf to target faculty before taking this step.  The faculty who received these letters already teach large numbers of students for little pay or job security.  They deserve better.  

UMass Boston has the opportunity to make a difference by reaffirming its commitment to our most vulnerable employees, their families, and their surrounding communities, particularly in times of crisis. In laying off faculty, the university is failing to recognize in meaningful ways the people whose labor is fundamental to sustaining both the university and the broader communities it serves.

Steve Striffler, Director, Labor Resource Center
Joseph G. Ramsey, Senior Lecturer, English and American Studies
Sofya Aptekar, Assistant Professor, Sociology and CECS
Amy Todd, Senior Lecturer II, Anthropology
Jonathan Millman, Senior Lecturer II, Economics
Linda Liu, Lecturer, Sociology
Karen Suyemoto, Professor. Psychology, Asian American Studies, CECS
Jeffrey Melnick, Professor, American Studies Department
Tracy Brown, Senior Lecturer I, Academic Support/ESL
Christopher Fung, Senior Lecturer, Anthropology
Katharina Loew, Assistant Professor, Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Anna Beckwith, Senior Lecturer II, Sociology
Tyler Murphy, NTT lecturer, English Department
Kathryn Archard, Senior Lecturer, College of Management
Merrily Evdokimoff, RN,PhD, adjunct faculty Nursing
Philip Chassler, Ph.D, Senior Lecturer II, American Studies Dept.
Rosalyn Negrón, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Barbara D. Fox Adjunct Faculty Curriculum and Instruction
Timothy Oleksiak, Assistant Professor, English
Michael Rahaim, Assistant Professor, Engineering Department
Heike Schotten, Associate Professor of Political Science
Susan Mraz, Senior Lecturer II, Latin American & Iberian Studies
Jason Rodriquez, Associate Professor, Sociology Department
Chaiwut Chittkusol, Senior Lecturer, Latin American and Iberian Studies
Donna Terry, adjunct faculty for Nursing
Daniel Finn, Lecturer, Sociology
Meghan Kallman, Assistant Professor, SGISD
Long Nguyen, Lecturer, Math Department
David Hunt, Professor, History
Mengying Wang, Accounting and Finance
Jessica Holden, Librarian III, Healey Library
Emilio Sauri, Associate Professor, English
Glenn Hoffman, Information Technology Program Director, Computer Science Department
Dr. Dimity Peter Associate Professor SGISD
Meredith Reiches, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Joseph Torra, Senior Lecturer, English Dept.
Theodore Klein, Senior Lecturer II, Department of Philosophy
Katherine Chike-Harris, Clinical Associate Lecturer (Nursing and Health Sciences)
Heidi Gengenbach, Associate Professor, History Department
Shaman Hatley, Associate Professor, Asian Studies
Travis Johnston, Assistant Professor, Political Science
Nurul Aman, Senior Lecturer II, Economics
JoAnn Mulready-Shick, Clinical Professor, CNHS
Paul DeFazio Lecturer Sociology
Eduardo Siqueira, Associate Professor, School for the Environment
Susan Mraz, Senior Lecturer II, Latin American & Iberian Studies
David Sigmon, CAPS
Andrew Leong, Associate Professor, Philosophy Dept.
Wendy Schoener, Sr. Lecturer, English
Edith Barrett, Senior Lecturer II. CNHS
Amanda Potasznik, Lecturer, Computer Science
Jason von Ehrenkrook, Assistant Professor, Classics & Religious Studies
Swami Iyer, Lecturer, Computer Science Department
Jeffrey Berger R.N. Senior Lecturer ll, CNHS
Lauren A. Sullivan, Senior Lecturer II, Anthropology
Abiola Farinde-Wu, Assistant Professor, Leadership in Education
Bonnie Miller, Associate Professor, American Studies
Zsuzsa Kaldy, Professor, Psychology
Miah Newman MSN RN Clinical Instructor Nursing
Jeremy Marcq, Lecturer, Mathematics Department
Daniela Balanzategui, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Lauren A. Sullivan, Senior Lecturer II, Anthropology
Reyes Coll-Tellechea, Professor, Latin American & Iberian Studies
Isabel Gómez, Assistant Professor, Latin American & Iberian Studies
Heidi Levitt, Professor, Psychology
Rosalyn Negrón, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Alan Waters, Senior Lecturer II, Anthropology Dept.
Nino Kebadze, Associate Professor, Latin American & Iberian Studies
Stacey Sloboda, Associate Professor, Art
Daniel Swain, Lecturer, Performing Arts Dept.
Sarah Mayorga, Assistant Professor, Sociology
Patrick Clarkin, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Marisol Negrón, Assistant Professor with Tenure of American Studies & Director of Latino Studies
Maurice Cunningham, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
Filip Cuckov, Assistant Professor, Engineering
Nelson P. Lande, Senior Lecturer II, Philosophy Department
Maria Mellone, Associate Lecturer, Mathematics
Ritta Jo Horsley, Modern Languages (Retired)
Rafael Jaen, Chair, Performing Arts Department
Maria John, Assistant Prof. HISTORY
Alan Wiig, Assistant Professor, School for the Environment
Matthew Gregory, Senior Lecturer, Sociology
Eric Michael Kelley, Lecturer, Anthropology
Askold Melnyczuk, Professor, English Department
Elizabeth K. Brown, Associate Professor, Sociology Department
Timothy Morgan DC, Senior Lecturer, Exercise & Health Sciences
Kevin Wozniak, Associate Professor, Sociology
Andrea Leverentz, Associate Professor, Sociology
Katherine L Kiss, Applied Linguistics
Teresa Eliot Roberts, Clinical Assistant Professor, Nursing
Lisa Rivera, Associate Professor, Philosophy
Keren Horn, Associate Professor, Economics Department
Steve Millman, Senior Lecturer II, Psychology Department
Kourosh Zarringhalam, Associate Professor, Mathematics
Susan Field, Lecturer, English
Cinzia Solari, Associate Professor, Sociology
Keith Jones, Visiting Assistant Professor, Africana Studies
Peggy (Margaret M.) Walsh, Senior Lecturer II, English Department
Denise Khor, Assistant Professor, American Studies
Maureen Scully, Associate Professor, Management
Suzanne Morris Associate Lecturer Africana Studies
Elizabeth L. Sweet
Jyoti Sinha, Lecturer, Socioloy.
Michael Tlusty, Associate Professor, School for the Environment
Louisa Choy, Librarian III, Healey Library
Wayne Rhodes, Senior Lecturer II, English
Lorena Estrada-Martinez, Assistant Professor, School for the Environment
Rita Shepard Valley, Senior Lecturer, Anthropology
Michael Johnson, Professor and Chair, Public Policy and Public Affairs
Manu Thakral, Assistant Professor, Nursing
Lynne Byall Benson, Lecturer, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Dr. Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, Director, MFA, English Department
Kourosh Zarringhalam, Associate Professor, Mathematics
Abbey Eisenhower, Associate Professor Psychology
Rachel Rubin, Professor, American Studies
Natalia Scarpetti, Senior Lecturer II, English
Daniel Haehn, Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Sandra Howland, Senior Lecturer II, English
Albert Divver, English (retired)
Tahirah Abdullah, Associate Professor, Psychology
Sarah Hayes-Skelton, Associate Professor, Psychology
Anne Erde, Senior Lecturer ll, Academic Support Programs/ESL
Christopher Zurn, Professor, Philosophy
Rachel Skvirsky, Associate Professor, Biology Dept.
Patricia Krueger-Henney, Associate Professor, Urban Education, Leadership and Policy Studies
Tim Sieber, Professor, Anthropology
Jean L. Rene, Associate Lecturer, Africana Studies
Denise Patmon, Associate Professor - College of Education and Human Development
Elena Stone, Associate Lecturer, Gender, Leadership and Public Policy
Ann Zaia, Clinical Senior Lecturer II, CNHS
Lisa M. Gonsalves
Jemadari Kamara, Associate Professor, Africana Studies
Nick Juravich, Assistant Professor, History & Labor Studies
Azure Parker Associate Lecturer, Africana Studies
Susanna Gallor, Lecturer, Psychology
Jennifer Hackel, Clinical Assistant Professor, College of Nursing & Health Science
Andrew Perumal, Associate Professor, Economics
Ester Shapiro, Psychology
George Mikros, Applied Linguistics
Eve Sorum, Associate Professor, English
Gerard Horgan. Senior Lecturer  Sociology
Margaret (Peggy) Vaughan, Senior Lecturer, Psychology
Deborah Budden, Senior Lecturer II, English
Kevin Murphy, Lecturer, History
Kathleen Ouzts, Nursing
Alex Mueller, Associate Professor, English
Philip Kretsedemas, Associate Professor Sociology
Harry Konstantinidis, Associate Professor, Economics
Karen Johannesson, Professor, School for the Environment
Shoshanna Ehrlich, Professor, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality
Valentina M. Urbanek, Senior Lecturer, Philosophy Department
Alejandro Reuss, Labor Studies
Leslie Wang, Associate Professor, Sociology
Meghan Bailey, Librarian
Frederick W Stubbs PhD Senior lecturer II Performing Arts
Eunkyung Lee, Librarian III, Healey Library
Karen Johannesson, Professor, School for the Environment
Mitch Manning, English Dept, Joiner Institute
David Landon, Associate Director, Fiske Center/Anthropology
Kibibi V Mack-Shelton, Prof, Africana Studies
Margaret Hart, Art
Ginger Lazarus, Performing Arts
Tony Van Der Meer, Senior Lecturer II, Africana Studies
Lucas Hall, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Healey Library
Nada Mustafa Ali, Women's and Gender Studies
Heidi Stanish, Assoc. Professor Exercise and Health Sciences
Adam Mooney, Associate Lecturer, English
Michael Fennimore, Senior Lecturer II, Performing Arts Dept.
Victoria Kingsley, Senior Lecturer II, English
Jill McDonough, English
Jose Martinez-Reyes , Associate Professor, Anthropology
Adán Colón-Carmona, Professor, Biology
Miah Newman MSN RN Clinical Instructor Nursing
Len von Morze, Associate Professor, English
Nina Silverstein, Professor, Gerontology
Jeffrey Stokes, Assistant Professor, Gerontology
Kathrin Boerner, Associate Professor, Gerontology
Sripad Motiram, Associate Professor, Department of Economics
Stephen Silliman, Professor, Anthropology
Brittany Peterson, Senior Lecturer, English
Jay R. Dee, Professor, Leadership in Education
Karen M. Crounse, Clinical Assistant Professor, UTeach Program
Michael Motia, Associate Lecturer, Religious Studies
Long Nguyen, Math Department
Quito Swan, Professor, Africana Studies
Luis F. De León, Assistant Professor, Biology
Sommer Forrester, Assistant Professor, Performing Arts
Laurel Wainwright, Senior Lecturer II, Psychology
Lauren Bowen, English
Carney Maley, Senior Lecturer II, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Sandra Derstine-Desai
Brook Moyers, Assistant Professor, Biology
Manisha Mishra, Lecturer, Chemistry
Stacy D VanDeveer, Professor, CRHSGG
Patrick Kearns, associate lecturer, biology department
Christopher Martell, Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Instruction
Michael Doto, Adjunct Faculty
Barbara Fox Adjunct Instructor C&I
Solange Brault, Associate Professor, Biology
Christopher Craig, Lecturer, English
Sandra Copman, Associate Lecturer, Education and Human Development
Matthew Brown, Associate Professor, English
Jennifer Miller, Adjunct Faculty, Curriculum & Instruction
Beth Rowlands
Elora Halim Chowdhury, Professor, Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Joseph N. Cooper, Leadership in Education
Antonio Raciti, Assistant Professor, School for the Environment
Jeffrey Banks, Assistant Lecturer, Curriculum and Instruction
Mark Schafer, Senior Lecturer, Latin American and Iberian Studies
David McNamara, Lecturer, English
Sun S Kim, Nursing
Carol Scollans, Senior Lecturer II,  Art department
Layla Brown-Vincent, Assistant Professor, Africana Studies
Linda Lawrence, Senior Lecture, English Department
Glover Martin, Lecturer, Biology
Matthew Pustz, Lecturer, American Studies
John Saltmarsh
Mark Earley, Senior Lecturer I, English
Michele Giargiari, Senior Lecturer, College of Management
Brian Meredith, Lecturer, English
Karen Ross, Assistant Professor, CRHSGG
Reef Youngreen, Associate Professor, Sociology
Funda Durupinar Babur, Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Tiago Cogumbreiro, Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Reinmar Seidler, Biology
Dan Messier, Senior Lecturer, English
Teddy Chocos, Senior Lecturer II, English
Paul Kowert, Associate Professor, Political Science
Chinelo Ejueyitchie, Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies/Africana Studies
Heather MacIndoe, Associate Professor, Public Policy
Peter Barrios-Lech
Cut salaries of administrator, retain faculty
Carol Sharicz, Lecturer, Education and Human Development
Lynne Byall Benson Senior Lecturer 1, WGS
Qian Song
Jan Mutchler, Professor, Gerontology
Kenneth Fletcher, Computer Science
Aisling Kearns, Associate Lecturer, Anthropology
Luis Jimenez, Associate Professor of Political Science
Raul Ybarra, Associate Professor, English
Louise Penner, Associate Professor, English
Devin Atallah, Assistant Professor, Psychology
Elizabeth Bussiere, Associate Professor of Political Science
Cheryl Ching, Assistant Professor, CEHD
Andrés Fabián Henao Castro, Assistant Professor, Political Science
Ellen Birchander
Mark Warren, Professor, Public Policy & Public Affairs
Susan M. Mraz
David Patterson, Professor, Performing Arts
Carrie Ann Quinn Associate Professor, Performing Arts
Nina Yamkovoy, Associate Lecturer, Mathematics
Kenneth M. Reardon, Professor, Urban Planning and Community Development
Doreen Drury, Sr Lct II, WGS
Nayelli Castro, Latin American and Iberian Studies
Sylvia Mignon, Professor, Sociology
Matthew Lehman, Lecturer, Mathematics Department
Jonathan K. Cooper-Wiele, Philosophy
Rhiannon Robinson, Lecturer, Biology
Tim Hacsi, Associate Professor, History
Nurit Haspel, Associate Professor, Computer Science
Maria Juliana Berte
James Soldner, Associate Professor, SGISD/CEHD
Terry Kawashima, Professor, Asian Studies
Alexander Des Forges, Associate Professor, Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Chris Rabe
Hamed Yarmand, Lecturer, College of Management
Marc Pomplun, Professor and Chair, Computer Science
Jeslyn Medoff, Senior Lecturer II, English
Pacey Foster, Associate Professor, Management
Paul Benson, Professor, Sociology
Caitlin Malloy, Associate Lecturer, Education and Human Development
Michelle Foster, Assoc. Prof., Chemistry
Shawna Butler, Senior Lecturer, CNHS
Katherine E. Gibson, Associate Professor, Biology
David Patterson, Professor, Performing Arts
Susan Gauss, Associate Professor, LAIS
Donna Terry, adjunct faculty for nursing
Matthew Morrison, Associate Lecture, English
Joseph Piazza, Senior Lecturer, English
steven ackerman, Honors College, ssociate Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Kathryn Kogan, Psychology
Sindiso Mnisi Weeks, Assistant Professor, School for Global Inclusion and Social Development
Leonard Alberts, MD;  Associate Lecturer CNHS
Dr. Kathleen Carr, Clinical Associate Lecturer, Nursing
Jacques Kitembo, Senior lecturer, Mrodern Languages
David Gorman, Psy.D. Lecturer, Psychology/Sociology
Catherine McCusker
Lorna Rivera Associate Professor Women’s Gender & Latino Studies
Ann Eastman
Jenny Moyryla, Librarian III, Healey Library
Ellen Birchander
Caroline Coscia, Senior Lecturer II, Political Science
Jason Hinkley, Lecturer, English
Olaya Landa-Vialard, Instructor
Daniel Remein, English
Leila Farsakh, Chair Political Science Department
Amani El Jack, Associate Professor, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Daniel Gascón, Assistant Professor, Sociology
"Thierry Gustave, Senior Lecturer, Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures "
Elaine Davey, Associate Lecturer, School For Global Inclusion and Social Development
Patricia Chouinard, Lecturer II, Latin American and Iberian Studies.
Joseph Brown, Assistant Professor, Political Science
Catherine Lawlor, Lecturer, Performing Arts, Music
Ellen Birchander
Dora Alvarez, Lecturer,Latin American & Iberian Studies
Sarah Hamblin, Associate Professor, English and Cinema Studies
Claudia Esposito, Associate Professor, MLLC
Avak Hasratian, Senior Lecturer II, English and the Honors College
Evan Barros, Associate Lecturer, American Studies
Leila Davis, Assistant Professor, Economics
Carrie Salazar, librarian III healey library
Ping-Ann Addo, Assoc Prof of Anthropology, Umb
Heminigild Mpundu, Lecturer, Accounting and Finance
Ellen Frank, Senior Lecturer, Economics
Shuai Jin, Assistant Professor, Political Science
David Merwin, Senior Lecturer, School for the Environment
Barbara McGonagle, Senior Lecturer, Economics
Sana Haroon, Associate Professor History and Asian Studies
Hugh O'Connell, Assistant Professor, English
Sharon Montella, Assoc. Lecturer Dance
Ursula Tafe, Senior Lecturer II, Political Science
Tracy Paskiewicz, Lecturer, Counseling & School Psychology
Aaron Lecklider, AMST
Monique Fuguet, Senior Lecturer, Mathematics
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