Student Survey                              Spring   2021-2022
Emerald Coast Technical College
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Registering at ECTC was easy to complete *
During and after registration, I received an orientation that included ECTC policies, functions, personnel and media center materials/services information. *
I know how or who to see in order to access my student records. *
I know where to find the ECTC grievance policy in the student catalog. *
I am aware that Financial Aid is available. *
A counselor is available for Academic Advisement. *
The ECTC campus is clean and well maintained. *
I regularly receive feedback from school staff about my academic progress. *
I know I must complete an Exit Interview *
I would recommend ECTC to others. *
ECTC students and faculty participate in safety exercises. *
The hands on experiences in my program are relevant to my career field. *
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