Synchronized cardioversion
Synchronized cardioversion is the therapy of choice for the client with ventricular tachydysrhythmias (VT with pulse) or supraventricular tachydysrhythmias (Atrial fibrillation)
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Monophasic defibrillator
1. Turn the synchronizer on, and select the proper energy level.
- Start the initial energy at 50 to 100 joules (biphasic defibrillator) and 100 joules (monophasic defibrillator) increased if needed.

2. Apply gel pads (conductive material) to the chest.
- One to the right of the sternum and just below to the clavicle, and the other to the left to the apex.

3. Charge the defibrillator using the button on the defibrillator or the paddles.

4. Position the paddles firmly on the chest wall over the gel pads.

5. Call and look to see that everyone is "all clear".
- To ensure that the personnel are not touching the client or the bed at the time of discharge.

6. Deliver the charge by depressing buttons on both paddles simultaneously.

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