Charter School Board Member Application
Thank you for considering serving as a Board member for one of our partner schools. We will contact you when we have a partner school in your area that would be a good match. In addition to this application and an interview, all Board member candidates will be subject to a background check prior to selection. Please email with any questions.
A. Be an advocate of public education in NC, and the charter school role in the public education system
B. Have experience and/or a skill set that adds value to the work of the Board
C. Have the respect of those who you have worked with previously
D. Have a desire to be an active Board member in a non-profit organization
E. Be a team member who can provide solutions and a positive attitude
F. Be a resident of good standing in North Carolina.
A. Uphold the school mission and by-laws
B. Establish, review and revise (as necessary) the policies of the school
C. Oversee and ensure fiscal responsibility in the operation of the school
D. Work with the school administration to support their day to day operation of the school
E. Monitor operations to ensure financial security and strategic organizational planning
F. Evaluate and update the job responsibilities of the Managing Director (as required)
G. Select and evaluate the Managing Director; confirm hiring of other school personnel
H. Attend Board meetings as scheduled and school functions where appropriate/available
I. Serve on at least one board subcommittee needed for the operation of the school
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Do you have any children or grandchildren? *
At many of our schools, children and/or grandchildren receive preference in a weighted lottery. Asking this question helps us determine space at our schools and your experience with different types of educational settings.
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