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COURSE CODE: 139064. Open College Network, West Midlands. Level 1 Award.
Unit title and code :
1) Work Placement: HC4/1/NQ/013. Unit reference code: R/504/8198.
2) Career preparation: HC1/1/NQ/030. Unit reference code: L/506/0737.
3) Problem Solving for Work: HC7/E3/NQ/004. Unit reference code: J/505/3219
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Why be an 'Event Steward'.
Unit code: HC4/1/NQ/013.
1) Name one benefit you will get from being an Event Steward?
1.1. State one benefit of preferred choice of placement.
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2) Using the role of a Steward, we are going to identify three future targets that you could achieve, they are going to be a 'personal target', a 'learning target' and a 'future career target'. Use the Table in the back of your work books.
1.2.Produce a simple action plan for a work placement, identifying a targets: Personal/Learning/Future.
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3) Using 20-30 words please outline what The Volunteer Network does at an event?
2.1.Outline the main purpose and activities of the work placement organisation.
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4) As an Event Steward with The Volunteer Network what roles would you undertake at our events?
3.1.State own role within the work placement organisation.
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5) Name 3 skills that you already have that could be used in the role as an Event Steward? Remember we need 3 of them.
3.2.List three work related skills used to carryout assigned tasks during work placement.
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6) List the ways you ensure your attendance and punctuality for the Stewarding sessions. What did you do at the event?
4.2.Sustain punctuality throughout work placement.
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7) Give examples of the ways, that you asked for help or information during the Stewarding sessions?
4.3.Request guidance or clarification as necessary to carry out assigned tasks during work placement. This section is also evidenced within the practical assessment for Stewarding.
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8) If there was an accident or a fire at a volunteering event, what is the 'automatic' legal procedure to deal with the accident/fire?
5.1.State the organisation’s procedures in the event of a specific accident or emergency. This section is also evidenced within the practical assessment for Stewarding.
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9) Thinking about an event, where is the nearest First Aid Box to you and on site, then list it's contents?
5.2.Locate the First Aid Box in the work placement organisation and list its contents.
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10) Who is responsible for first aid and health and safety right now at an event?
5.3.Identify staff responsible for health and safety and first aid in the work placement organisation.
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About your strengths. This section is about the characteristics that make you into a good team member, work colleague and steward. It may involve you looking closely at the best bits about yourself. If you get stuck ask your tutor for help.
Unit code: HC1/1/NQ/030
1) Complete table in the back of the workbook. Look at your skills, abilities, strengths and state how they help you in a stewarding role. also, tell us how they can be used for future/different jobs.
1.1.Identify one example of each of his/her strengths, qualities, skills and abilities and state how each contributes to the roles, responsibilities or activities in which they are applied.1.2.Outline how these may be transferable to different careers.
2) Name 3 places or sources that you can get help or information about your future career or job?
2.1.Identify three sources of help or information s/he could use in relation to planning his/her career.
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Problem Solving. Throughout your life and future career you deal with problems big and small. This section looks at how as a Steward you address a problem, work out what solutions are available to you and who can help you. You will get to practice some of these situations as a role play, so that writing the answer becomes easier for you.
Unit code: HC7/E3/NQ/004
1) Name a problem you might face as a Steward?
1.1.Identify a problem s/he has encountered or may encounter in the place of work.
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2) Using 20-30 words describe the above problem in more depth.
1.2.Give a description of the problem.
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3) How could you deal with the problem as a Steward, what solutions could you come up with?
2.1.Identify a possible solution to a problem in the place of work problem.
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4) List the individual steps you would take in dealing with the problem?
2.2.List the steps that need to be taken to solve the problem.
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5) How would you get help with the problem at an event where you are a Steward e.g. a car crash, a lost child, a cut hand, or a person needing directions?
2.3.Identify sources of support to help solve the problem.
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6) Role Play
4.1.Follow instructions to carry out given tasks according to own role in a work placement.
How did you do in the Role Play?
I did this a lot
I did this some of the time
I only did this a little
I didn't do this
I listened to instructions
I asked questions
I followed a plan
I offered ideas or solutions
I checked that people understood what I was suggesting
I supported others
I lead the team
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