4. Digital technology through coding exercises-Expert Level
Grabbing the opportunity
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You are determined to work your way into the web and app development industry. You have already attended some university classes on basic Python language and studied quite hard for the last two months. But is this enough to apply for a job? You do not feel confident to apply, but even if you do, you know that the competition is huge. You would have to compete with candidates with advanced knowledge and skills and years of experience. You definitely need more training and relevant experience to prove your knowledge and skills, but do not have enough time or money to pay for a specialized course or degree. What should be your next step in order to get closer to your goal?
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Looking for the perfect experience
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You meet with Jason and your professor to discuss your worries. The professor is quite impressed with your perseverance to succeed and advises you to look for a non-paid part time internship, in order to gain more knowledge and experience in the field of app development. You find his idea perfect and start looking for anything on the Internet that will help you get into the coding industry. You try not to limit your options only to app development internships, but be more open to any opportunity. You find so many different job positions you did not have a clue they require coding skills and others you thought they needed coding, but actually don’t.
Q1. Do a quick research and tick the 3 job positions that require coding skills. You can use the following link or any other job search website you want https://www.indeed.com/. *
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