Form 3: Chapter 3
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Match the following correctly. *
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Unicellular organisms
Complex organisms
Has a specific transportation system.
Does not have a specific transportation system.
The diagram shows a paramecium. What is the necessary subtance to be diffused into the cell? *
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Which other organism that has the same transport system as paramecium? *
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Which of the following animals has a more efficient blood circulatory system? *
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Which of the following blood vessel is the biggest in human blood circulatory system? *
1 point
What is the function of valves in the heart? *
1 point
What is the function of tricuspid valve? *
1 point
Which has the thickest muscular wall? *
1 point
Transports deoxygenated blood from the whole body except the lungs back to the heart. *
1 point
Has the thinnest wall without any muscle or elastic tissue. *
1 point
Rapid blood flow under high blood pressure. Pulse detected. *
1 point
Which of the following reading indicates a patient suffering from low blood pressure? *
1 point
Match the following resting pulse correctly. *
3 points
80 beats / minute
70 beats / minute
95 beats / minute
5 year old child
Adult male
Adult female
The method of separation of blood into its components is called centrifugal separation. *
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Red blood cells function to carry oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body. *
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Blood plasma is transparent in colour after being separated. *
1 point
White blood cells contain haemoglobin. *
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