KISD Parent Involvement Survey 2018-2019
The Parental Involvement Committee will use the results to determine areas of strength and weakness. Please be honest in your answers.
Student's Campus *
Please rate each of the following statements: *
Almost Always
Almost Never
Do Not Know
This school has a great deal of parent involvement.
This school is welcoming and friendly.
Parents come to school events in large numbers.
Parents are invited and serve as volunteers in the school.
Parents need advice on how best to help their children.
Parents want to be more involved than they are now.
When parents are more involved in the school, students do better academically.
The school asks parents for their opinions and serve on important school committees.
The PTO is an active and effective part of the school.
Teachers contact me with positive news about my child.
I contact the teacher(s) to discuss concerns I have.
I am aware of the curriculum that my child is learning.
The school publishes a parent newsletter regularly.(Found on webpage)
The school uses a variety of ways to contact me.
I receive information in a language I can understand.
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